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Cooper launches new Bi-Wire range at Firex South 2010

Cooper launches new Bi-Wire range at Firex South 2010

Bi-Wire Range

The new Cooper range of patented Bi-Wire panels and Self-Check detectors will be launched at Firex South 16th  and 17th March 2010.  All panels have a new facility to flash detector LEDs in a zone to facilitate the location of any wiring fault in that zone, thereby simplifing the fault finding process. The 4 and 8 zone panels also incorporate enhanced features for HMO programming via a DIP switch and are compliant with the new BS5839 Part 6 standard for multiple occupancy.  If a zone is programmed for HMO and a fire occurs in that zone, only the sounders in that zone will activate. If the fire is cleared within 2 minutes the panel resets automatically, otherwise the system activates the alarm in all zones.

The unique new Bi-Wire conventional 5 in 1 Self-Check detector is designed and manufactured to provide peace of mind. As well as having 5 different modes within a single detector, one of the major benefits of the Self-Check technology is the ability to inform the end user when a detector has ceased to function correctly or indeed has failed. The detector has been designed to monitor itself for any internal fault condition or failure of the detector. Should a problem arise, a zone fault will be generated at the panel and the detector LED will light (yellow segment) indicating both zone and device.

Another development for the new range of Bi-Wire panels, to aid contractors and service providers, is the unique Cooper fault location facility. Detectors in any zone can be instructed from the panel to pulse their LED (yellow segment) every 2 seconds. This facility can then be used to find the location of any break or short circuit on a zone’s wiring thereby saving both time and labour.

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