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Eaton launches EN 54-23 certified open class VAD

Intelligent Addressable Low Power Fire Beacon for European Fire Markets

Eaton has developed an intelligent addressable visual alarm device (VAD) certified to EN 54-23, the harmonised standard for Fire Alarm beacons, available from the 1st March 2015.

EN54-23 specifies the requirements, test methods and performance criteria for VADs (Visual Alarm Devices) in fire detection and fire alarm systems. The new intelligent addressable VAD (CASB393/393WP) is an ‘Open’ class sounder beacon that comes in a standard and weatherproof variant, both of which combine low power requirements, multiple sound output levels and visual notification.


Complies to EN54-23, 3 & 17
Low (15mA) current consumption
Red or White Body colour
0.5hz White flash
99bB(A) Sound output with 4 settings ( 80-86-92-99) & 4 tones
IP21C or IP66 (WP option)
Soft addressing


Can be used as a Fire Alarm beacon
Maximise the number of units on a loop
Options to suit the environment
Minimise current consumption
Flexible solution

WP option for more demanding environments
200 addresses configured via the panel saves on installation time


The new open class wall sounder beacon is suitable for system designers who wish to conform to the standard when a fire alarm beacon has been specified as part of an addressable system. It has been designed to offer an alternative to a Wall or Ceiling product, or for when a direct comparison against a competitor Open class product is required.

The open class wall sounder beacon is also available in an IP66 weatherproof variant (right).

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