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Bi-Wire Detector

Bi-Wire Detector FXN922

Cooper Fire is introducing a new range of Bi-Wire detectors consisting of a new revolutionary dual patent, multi-sensor detector which incorporates both Bi-Wire and Self-check features, as well as having 5 different modes within a single detector.

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This new conventional detector can be configured to operate as either an optical detector, opto/heat multi-sensor or 1 of 3 heat detector modes (A1R, BS, CS) using the four position switch located at the back of the detector.

The detector, having self check facilities, has a dual LED indicator. The red LED is continuous to indicate alarm condition, the yellow LED is lit continuously to indicate a smoke sensing chamber fault or that the detector has reached the limit of its contamination compensating ability. This LED can also be pulsed from the panel to locate wiring faults thereby saving time and cost by facilitating the fault finding process.


  • Chamber monitoring and Drift Compensation
  • Dual LED with 360° viewable design
  • 5 modes in 1 detector
  • Self check facility
  • 360° viewable LED design
  • Common mounting base


Multi sensor detector




Remote indicator


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