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Cooper's Accessories

Cooper's Accessories Catalogue

Conventional Flush Sounder

FX003 (Askari)

View the Conventional Flush Sounder

Conventional Sounder Beacon


Flashni is an audio and visual device which requires one single installation point reducing installation time and therefore cost.

Conventional Sounder


CS200 is a simple yet high performance sounder with clip fit base.

Conventional Base Mountable Sounder

MDS824 (Squashni)

View the Conventional Base Mountable Sounder

Conventional Sounder - Currently Discontinued

Base AV Unit

A combined audible and visual detector base mounting unit with low operating current.

Conventional Bells

CFB Range

Bells still remain a popular choice for many applications such as schools where they can be used as a signal for non fire purposes.

Conventional Callpoints

View the Cooper range of Conventional Callpoints

Conventional Detectors

View the Cooper range of Conventional Detectors

Conventional Surface Sounders

View the Cooper range of Conventional Surface Sounders

Conventional Sounders


A comprehensive range of electronic sounders, beacons and sounder/beacons are available in the Cooper range.

Beam Detection

Reflective Beam Detectors

The Cooper zone powered reflective beam detectors are specifically designed to function with all Cooper conventional panels.

Duct Probe

Ventilation Duct Detectors

The Duct Probe unit is designed for use with the Cooper range of optical smoke detectors.